Our mission, vision and core values


Fostering equitable and transparent relationships by enabling connections between producers and the specialty coffee market, mainly roasters and importers.


Building a network of change agents who will produce a sustainable impact in the coffee chain.


Equity is our North. It guides every action we do towards the creation of trustworthy and long-term relationships from growers to specialty coffee consumers.

We are committed to deliver transparent information from producers and their coffee to importers and roasters and vice-versa.

We strive to promote social impacts in the local and global coffee community with the support of partners engaged in transparency and sustainability of the coffee sector.

We want to nurture producers’ empowerment by stimulating awareness of their own product quality and by raising the fulfillment feeling when producing a market recognized coffee.

We look for contributing to the coffee sector collective and sustainable growth, especially for producers' by showing them the relevance of sustainable production.