Benefits to producers

We are a new option to the producer of specialty coffee. We aim to develop producers’ awareness and show them a market that is looking for ethical sourcing and high-quality coffee, acknowledges and want to know who these growers are. Aequitas is an alternative to the traditional coffee trade model. 

Benefits to importers and roasters

We guarantee the origin, and information about the producer’s history, the producing region and the coffee traceability, knowledge about the impact of relationship and recognition in producers’ lives and in their farms, contact with the producer and the opportunity of promoting true impacts in the coffee community and to the coffee supply chain.

Benefits to all

Transparency in coffee origin and destination – the producers will know who bought their coffee and the importers or roasters will know the coffee’s origin. Economic transparency in the traded price, as both, producer and buyer, will be aware of the percentage on the price paid to the producer. Coffee production Sustainability – we want to support farmers to apply continuous economic, social and environmental initiatives and actions through international certifications and other sustainable guidelines.